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Contract worker looking for a permanent position

January 31st, 2013 at 03:25 am

As noted on my side bar info I have a job that I love. Sure, I have the day-to-day OMGs and WTFs that we are all facing. So I'm facing a bit of a challenge as I saw the perfect permanent job (with benefits/vacation and long term employment) and I sent in my resume.

It saddens me that I might have to leave a job I love. But it probably offers a salary that's more than 25% more than I earn. It has a retirement plan, paid vacation, full benefits, and stability as long as I do a good job. It's also closer to my home.

And it's not as though I'm in my 20's. I'm beyond the point of seeking a career building opportunity. I'd like to have a job for another 10ish years and then retire. I'm not remotely interested in taking on more responsibility. The ideal situation would be if my current employer bought into a new job level and paid me what I should be paid and offered me a permanent job. The improved job market suggests to me that some employers may lose valuable employees because new jobs are finally being posted.

I can't stand being disloyal. Thoughts?

52 week challenge - a change of plans

January 26th, 2013 at 11:13 pm

I've decided to change direction on the 52 week challenge. The yatzee one appealed to me but I'm not that disciplined to keep it up. So I've set up an auto deposit of $24 per week into my emergency fund. It's the amount of money I used to spend on cigarettes each week. I'm on day 14 as a non smoker. If I get to November and my line of credit isn't gone I will use it to clear off the balance. I feel good about this plan.

Success! Sell Off Challenge and Smoking

January 19th, 2013 at 08:31 pm

Success on two fronts! I sold two items on Kijiji today for a total of $235. I gave my son a $5 fee for his help so I have $230 plus a $3 pinecone cheque to go to my LOC. Hurray! I'm also on day 7 without cigarettes. Not one puff. I know could start again in a heartbeat. Staying away from smokers for a while. Will update my sidebar soon.

I'm feeling broke

January 17th, 2013 at 01:02 am

I've got the cash flow blues. As some of you know I don't have any cards that carry a balance except for the one I'm paying off. I'm an Amex gal. Gotta love a card that needs to be paid off in full every month. But since much of my Christmas and corporate spending is on there it can really affect my cash flow every once in a while. I'll be back to normal at the beginning of February. I need to get started on that Christmas fund! I've been saying it for a few year. This year I have to make it happen!
And Day 5 of no smoking. Better today.

Day 4 as a non smoker

January 16th, 2013 at 01:20 pm

The nicotine patch is great! It's the stupid habits that are getting in the way. Fortunately the dreams are bizarre but I am not having nightmares. Last night I was smoking in my dreams. The overall dream theme was that I lost my car and was walking with a co-worker all over the city trying to find it. In reality I was so angry last night. No reason, just withdrawal. This morning I am weak - fortunately there are no cigarettes in the house or I would likely have one. Well maybe.

And I missed my SA friends yesterday. I still can't log in. I have to go to an old post and get in that way. I should probably reboot.

Jonesing for a smoke

January 13th, 2013 at 05:46 pm

I've got the patch on, nicotine lozenge parked against my gum. I've thought about lighting up at least a dozen times in the last few hours. No cigarettes in the house thank goodness. I've brought out the camera and taken a few pictures, just finished a sketch in the old sketch book. Time to try a few glasses of ice water. Last cigarette was at 7:00 pm last night. Jonesing is just such a perfect word to describe my physical and mental withdrawal. The big part is the habitual activites - eat, smoke, read, smoke, TV, smoke, phone, smoke...

Sell Off Challenge 2013

January 12th, 2013 at 07:32 pm

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. None of my listings have sold and my e-bay buy now has expired. Share your successes!

The sell-off challenge 2013

January 3rd, 2013 at 02:09 am

In the last few days I've listed three items to sell on line. I have been working on a list of sellables in my home and have about 15 items so far. Not sure how sales will be just after the holidays but it's worth a try. If anyone wants to join me I'd be happy to have the company. My goal this year is to sell $1,000 worth. I'd love to target $100 per month but will settle for the $1,000. Anyone in?