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I'm backkkkkk!

November 7th, 2010 at 03:37 pm

Hello Folks,

Homebody was asking about my absence and thought I'd fill you in. I was hired by a large company for a 6 month contract. Horrible pay - I'm actually losing money working there because of the commute and parking - but I absolutely love what I am doing. My contract has been renewed and I've been asked to join permanently in January at a more realistic salary. I can't get over what a difference a great job makes in my life. And I am totally opposed to defining my life happiness by my job so I have to work on balance. That being said, it's a sweet feeling getting up in the morning and wishing the commute was shorter because I just can't wait to get at it.

On the financial side it really cuts me deeply that I am going into debt working. The alternative is no income so I have to consider that whole issue. I continue to pay down the Visa, altho very slowly. I am optimistic that my financial life will change for the better in January.

I'm keeping it frugal for now. I decided to keep my 2002 van which I love. It's looking a little worn with rust. I've invested in new to me tires with lots of life left in them. Sorta like me. I'm approaching 50 and seeing a bit of wear but I've got lots of life left in me too!

Hope this note finds you all well. I lurk when I can. Miss you all and will try to update more frequently. I'll edit the sidebar sometime soon.