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Rant! My son has Mono!

April 10th, 2010 at 04:59 pm

Arghhhh! Final exams for my son in university start on Monday. Yesterday he was diagnosed with mono. He's in a lot of pain and sleeps continuously. Unfortunately the program he is in does not offer deferrals for exams. Exams are worth 60% - 70% of his grade. In one course in particular he failed the midterm (altho the average on the midterm was 1% less than his result so the whole class is failing). So this means he may lose this course and others if they base his grades on his term work. The long and short is that he might lose his term, and therefore his year. Without his year he can't take the 12 month co-op job he is supposed to start in September. While I am naturally concerned about his health first and foremost, I am also aware of the loss of $20,000 which is the cost of one year at school. And the loss of $39K the co-op placement would have paid him. The poor kid! I just want to pick him up from school and make the big bad world go away.

No one told me parenting was this hard!

In other news, the EF for the investment property has grown a little. Hard to make it build without a job. Hopefully I'll land something very soon.