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Found money and just thinkin'

December 27th, 2012 at 11:28 am

My total amount of found money year to date is $29.13. Definitely worth my effort. My DH thinks this sort of thing is of little value but I actually enjoy the chase!

I have a huge Amex bill due on the first of January. I love my Amex as I am not loading on new debt as it is due in full every month.

It will take me part of January to recover from this huge payment. So I'll be back to paying off my final credit card debt in three or four weeks. I am planning on paying of the balance of $8,850 this year by the end of November. So I'll be thinking on how I'll do it over the next day or two. One way will be to continue to auto debit every pay in the amount of $125. My tax return will add about $1,000 I think. Mileage and other expenses (found money, surveys, taste testing, etc.) will also be thrown at it. I will be doing the ebay challenge but I don't have much faith in ebay as most of my items are decorative and not exactly in high demand in January.

I also need to get some funds for a week or two off unpaid for medical care for my sister who is on the transplant list for yet another liver. I'll be her primary care giver when she is released from hospital. Rather than complain about it I consider myself fortunate to have a boss who understands and have the option of continued life for my sister. (Well that last statement is rather stupid!!!:-))

I'm thinkin' about how all this fits together. It's so great to have options. I can make this work. I just need a few more thoughts to solidify so I can make a firm plan.

Donations to my cause are welcome, natch. For your convenience I have paypal!

2 Responses to “Found money and just thinkin'”

  1. Jerry Says:

    It is indeed great that you have a boss who is understanding of this situation, and that it doesn't lead to problems. I have a friend who actually lost his job for missing work while his twins were in pediatric intensive care at the same time his father died. I could not believe the employer was that cold-hearted (they called him "unreliable"), but they were. At least he had the insurance that his sons were OK in the end, but he was out for work for months. So yeah, count your blessings!

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Jerry, that's terrible to hear that a company can be so heartless. I really don't understand how some people sleep at night. Thank you for sharing your story to remind me to count my blessings!

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